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Travel Forms and Documents

Required Travel Forms and Documents
All LaGrange College students studying away are asked to complete several health and travel forms during the application process.  An Emergency Medical Contact Form listing emergency contacts, insurance coverage, and any allergies, medication, and physical and mental health conditions that may affect the study away experience.  It is critical that the Office of Global Engagement receive this information so we can avoid risks that will trigger a health-related emergency.  The information shared on the Emergency Medical Contact Form is strictly confidential, and assists this office and faculty leaders in ensuring students receive proper services and care while studying away. 

Deviation from Itinerary
If a student would like to travel on their own at the end of the course and will not return with the group, they will need to complete the Request for Deviation from Itinerary.  This form must be filled in and signed by the faculty leader and the Program Coordinator in the Office of Global Engagement prior to leaving the U.S. 

It's extremely important to submit this form well in advance if the student wants to adjust their return flight with minimal financial penalties. Students are responsible for paying any additional costs for this change.  Students will also assume responsibility for all risks and liabilities once they depart from the group.
Level 3 or 4 Travel/Health Warnings
Students should make themselves aware of current U.S. State Department travel and CDC health advisories.  Approval to study in a country or region under high risk travel or health advisories will be based on the LaGrange College Travel Warning Policy.  Students will need to submit in writing a justification of why they should be permitted to study away to a location under a Level 3 U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or CDC Health Advisory.  This process should begin as soon as the location is designated as a Level 3 or as part of the application process. There may be situations where the country is a Level 3, but a state, province or region where study away is taking place is a Level 2, or vice versa.  The Risk Management Committee will have to access several factors to determine if study away can continue there. 

No student will be permitted to travel to a country that has a Level 4 Travel Warning or Health Advisory.

If approved by the Risk Management Committee and Global Engagement, students will be asked to sign a Travel Risk Waiver to travel to a country or region that is currently under a Level 3 travel or health warning. 

Students who are traveling to countries that recommend or require non-routine immunizations or medication will be asked to submit a copy of these medical records in their application and carry a copy with them if needed to enter the country. 

Please visit COVID-19 and Study Away for information on COVID-19.