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Study Away Preview Grant

If you are planning a travel course and have not visited the country or region (or if a previous visit was some distance in the past), you may want to consider applying for a Study Away Preview Grant.
A maximum of four Study Away Preview Grants are awarded once a year during the Spring Semester.  The Office of Global Engagement will announce a round of grant applications in the Fall Semester and another in the Spring Semester.  You will need to complete the Study Away Course Preview Grant proposal and attach a budget.
When travel is completed, a report will need to be filed with the Office of Global Engagement within two weeks.  It should include a recap your experience so this information can be shared with faculty who may want to travel to these countries in the future.  Please compose a summary that includes the following:   
  • the purpose of your trip 
  • a daily itinerary with dates, activities and locations
  • key contacts, meetings and their outcomes 
  • a financial accounting, or expense report, of how the grant was spent 
  • any additional information or documents, especially photographs
The grant will help underwrite the expenses of one faculty and the proposed course must be offered within one year of the completed travel.  Please read carefully the additional policies listed on the Preview Grant proposal form.