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Study Away Course Proposal Procedure

LaGrange College faculty members who wish to develop and lead a study away course must complete a course approval process through their respective departments, the Office of Global Engagement, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Faculty Review Committee, Academic Programs Committee (APC), and faculty. Details on the process and policies can be found in the Developing Faculty-Led Study Away Courses handbook below.  

An orientation workshop led by the Faculty Review Committee and Global Engagement will be scheduled for late spring or early fall prior to the October deadline to review the proposal and budget process.  It is strongly advised that faculty members attend if they are not familiar with the procedures.  Global Engagement will periodically offer mandatory training workshops on health, safety and risk management and other topics to prepare faculty for their responsibilities abroad and improve and assess our current policies and programs.
Ahearn in China
Developing and approving a course begins about 18 to 20 months in advance.  Below is a brief timetable for submitting and implementing a study away course:
  • May-August:   Consult with Office of Global Engagement regarding your proposal and the selection of a travel provider.  A list of approved and suggested travel providers is available from the Office of Global Engagement.  New travel providers must be vetted by Global Engagement before they are contacted.
  • Mid-October:   A Proposal, syllabus and budget are due in Office of Global Engagement.  Proposals should be signed by you, the program coordinator and department chair before submitting them to the Office of Global Engagement.
  • December:   Presented at the faculty meeting for final approval.
  • January:   Study Away online brochure produced and courses listed on Global Engagement website.
  • February:   Registration begins.
  • March:   Go Global informational fair held the first week in March.  March 15 completed student applications due and list sent to Student Engagement for final approval.  Students notified by email of the decision.
  • April 15:   Student deposits are due.
  • September:   Last opportunity for students to apply.  
  • October:  Final budgets due
    • Interim
  • October 1:   All travel forms and passport copies due; course paid in full.
  • November:   Finalize all travel arrangements, submit travel advance requests to Business Office.
  • January:   Interim begins
    • May-Away
  • October 1:   Last opportunity for students to apply to May Away courses and deposit is due.
  • February 1:  All travel forms and passport copies due;  course paid in full.
  • March:  Finalize all travel arrangements, submit travel advance requests to Business Office.
  • May:  May-Away begins.
Forms and Information are below: