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Graduation or Completion of Exchange Program

The end of your academic program affects your status as an F-1 student.  After you graduate or complete your exchange program, you have a 60-day grace period to travel within the U.S. and prepare for your departure.  Once you leave the U.S. after completing your program you are no longer eligible to re-enter with your current 1-20.  If you withdraw and do not complete your program, you are not eligible for the 60-day grace period. 

If you are graduating, you will need to decide at the beginning of your final semester if you want to apply for OPT, continue on for a graduate or second degree at LaGrange College, transfer to another U.S. school (transfer out ), or return home.  If you are returning home to continue school or find employment, you will need to get your diploma and transcript authenticated.

Please be sure to meet with your academic adviser to review what steps you need to take to receive your diploma and attend graduation.

Graduation is traditionally on the first Saturday of May and you'll need to plan ahead if a visa is required for your family members to attend the graduation ceremony. Most of the time, a B-2 tourist visa is needed.  You are responsible for contacting the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate where the visa application will be made to gather the information and documents needed.   If a letter is required, the Office of Global Engagement will be happy to supply that but make sure this request is made well in advance so visas can be obtained in time for graduation. 

Alumni Relations
Whether you are remaining in the U.S. or returning home, you can connect with other LaGrange College graduates. Visit the Alumni Association site or contact their office about benefits, campus news and ways you can contribute