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Concurrent Enrollment

An F-1 student may be enrolled in two different SEVIS-approved schools at one time as long as the combined enrollment totals a full-time course of study and they meet the following requirements:
  • At least half of the required hours must be taken at LaGrange College.  
  • Only one online course or 3 credit hours can apply to those required hours.
  • Must be in good standing, 2.0 GPA
  • Has permission from the Designated School Official (DSO) in the Office of Global Engagement and their academic adviser to concurrently enroll with another SEVIS approved institution.
Application Process
  • Submit a Concurrent Enrollment Request for approval to the Office of Global Engagement along with proof of registration in classes from the concurrent school, indicating that you are enrolled.
  • Complete a Request for Transient Credit which can be found on PantherNet.  This must be signed by your academic adviser and the Provost.
  • A new I-20 documenting the concurrent enrollment will be issued once approved and the name of the other (concurrent) school where you are enrolled will be clearly recorded in the remarks section (page 1, item 9) of your I-20.
  • You should also consult other LaGrange campus offices to determine if reducing your hours will affect other items such as scholarships or GA positions.
LaGrange College will be responsible for issuing your I-20, handling all SEVIS reporting requirements, and ensuring that you are pursuing a full course of study.
When the approved concurrent courses are completed, you must provide a transcript to the Office of Global Engagement proving you have met the F-1 enrollment requirements.