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International Internships

EU School of Business Barcelona

An international internship can bring invaluable insight to your personal life and professional career.  Like any domestic internship, an international internship will add experience and skills to your resume, but it also shows employers that you:
  • Have a basic knowledge of a foreign language and are able to use it
  • Have increased cultural sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability
  • Are confident in your abilities
  • Are able to work with diverse groups of people in diverse settings
  • Can address business situations from a different cultural frame of reference
LaGrange College offers international internships through our affiliate partners to cities such as Barcelona, Florence, London, Dublin, Milan, Paris, Santiago (Chile), Vienna, and Sydney.  Students can enroll for either a semester or summer term international internship in business, education, environmental studies, accounting, finance, marketing, film and theatre, sports administration and many other professional fields.   

International internships for most major and minors are available and and must be approved by your academic advisor, Global Engagement and the Career Development Center.  Please refer to A Semester or  Academic Year
Abroad for instructions on the application process.