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Study Away: Program Models

Before searching for a program, you might want to learn the differences between LaGrange College administered programs and LaGrange College approved programs. LaGrange College administered programs are those organized and led by our faculty and are short-term courses embedded in a semester-long course or during Maymester. LaGrange College approved programs are administered by our affiliate partners which are non-profit NGOs (Non-government organizations) or institution.  This means the College is either a member of the organization or has a signed agreement with a sponsoring institution or organization for our students to participate in their programs.  Below are four types of approved programs LaGrange College offers.
Direct Enrollment 
Direct enrollment study-away programs are administered on-site by host institutions.  As a student on a direct enrollment program, you will need to apply and be admitted to the host institution as an international student for a semester or academic year.  You will take courses that have been approved by your academic adviser at LaGrange College.  If you participate in a LaGrange College approved direct enrollment program, you will need to complete an academic clearance and course approval form as part of the application process so you will receive credit for courses taken abroad.  
Direct enrollment programs encourage independence because they don't always provide the amount of support services you might be accustomed to in the U.S.  This does give you a greater opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture and connect with students from around the globe.
If you want to participate in a LaGrange College approved direct enrollment program, you must apply and be approved to study away through the Office of Global Engagement first then apply to the host institution.  Be sure to check deadlines because they can vary from program to program.

Affiliate Partners 
Companies and organizations that coordinate study abroad programs for students are often referred to as "third party providers," "program providers," or  just "providers." The programs offered by our affiliate partners can vary greatly on how they are operated and organized and you will need to carefully research them to make sure a program fits your needs.

Affiliate partner programs can lessen safety concerns for you and your family by having more support services available. This extra layer of support can also be more expensive and less immersive than direct enrollment programs.
If you want to participate in an affiliate partner program, you must apply and be approved to study away through the Office of Global Engagement first then apply directly for the program offered by the affiliate partner.  Be sure to check deadlines because they can vary from program to program and among affiliate partners.
Faculty Led
These study abroad or away courses are directed by a faculty member (or members) from the home campus who accompanies students abroad. They can be interdisciplinary and award up to three credit hours. Faculty-led courses are held during the semester, summer term or Maymester and last from one to three weeks.
Short term, faculty-led courses are not as expensive nor as long as the standard international program.  This can make a study away experience accessible to those students who have responsibilities at home, work, or are student/athletes.  Faculty-led courses also offer students more support while traveling abroad.

Exchange Programs
LaGrange College has agreements with several foreign institutions and organizations where our students can spend a semester or a year studying abroad.  An outgoing LaGrange student typically pays regular tuition and fees to LaGrange College while on the exchange and pays room and board to the host institution. LaGrange students enroll as an international transient students at an approved partner institution and receive a transcript of completed coursework that will transfer back to LaGrange College. 
If you want to participate in an exchange program, you must apply and be approved through the Office of Global Engagement.

Non-Approved Programs
If you are interested in a program that doesn't appear on the program list, you must meet with a staff member in the Office of Global Engagement to discuss the viability of that program and have it approved before applying for it.  Please consult the Staff page for contact information.

An advising appointment is necessary before applying for all study away programs.  You will be prompted during the application process on when you need to schedule this appointment.

Note:  Study away program applications and processes can vary depending on the program sponsor and length of the program.  Semester and academic year-long programs require a two-step application process:  academic and program advising and approval by the College before the program application can be completed.