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Cancellation Fees and Refunds

Withdrawing Before Departure

Any student who withdraws from a study away program must notify the Office of Global Engagement in writing.

  • A withdrawal notification is required due to academic or disciplinary misconduct.
  • Notifying faculty leaders or other staff alone will not constitute withdrawal; the Office of Global Engagement must also be notified in writing.  


LaGrange College study away courses:

The Office of Global Engagement and the Vice President Academic Affairs (VPAA) reserve the right to cancel a course if the following occurs:
•The minimum number of students needed for financial feasibility are not enrolled in the course
•There is a substantial increase in the cost of travel
•The faculty leaders do not fulfill their responsibilities according to the policies in this guide
•The status of the faculty member in the department or College changes
•Global Engagement, VPAA, or President determines that the proposed course is no longer feasible for financial, organizational, or any other reason.

The Global Engagement Risk Management Committee will cancel a course if events in a country or region of the study away course indicate that the safety, security and health of the students cannot be reasonably protected. See the Travel Warning Policy page.
Official notification of the course cancellation will be made by the Office of Global Engagement by email. Refunds to students will depend on when the course is cancelled and the amount of funds dispersed to program providers.

Study away programs offered by affiliate and exchange partners:
Each of our partners have their own program cancellation policies that students will need to inquire about before applying for their specific programs.


LaGrange College Faculty-Led study away courses
  •  Maymester, Summer and Embedded Courses during a Semester
    • Refunds vary depending on the program provider's refund policy and date of cancellation. 
    • No refunds will be made after the course has begun.
    • No refunds will be made to students who are terminated from the course as a result of disciplinary or behavioral problems.
Study away programs offered by affiliate and exchange partners:
  • Summer term, semester, and year-long programs:
    • Programs that are not organized and financially administered by LaGrange College's Office of Global Engagement will have a different refund policy. Students should inquire with the affiliate partner or host institution for details on the terms of their refund policy.

Failure to Meet Prerequisites

Some faculty-led study away courses and affiliate partner programs have prerequisites. Students who are enrolled in a course that is a prerequisite for a study away course must satisfactorily complete that prerequisite in order to participate in study away. If the student does not satisfactorily complete the prerequisite course, they are responsible for all cancellation penalties related to the study away course or program.